Discover Your Roots! Part 1

Discover Your Roots book includes great digital research tips and the Wright family genealogy.  A wonderful place to begin your Wright Family genealogy journey.    Bruce Wright, Esq. dug into researching his family tree across multiple years learning about and documenting more than 18 Revolutionary War Patriots.  His journey to undercover this treasure-trove of Patriot ancestors makes for great reading, especially if you are interested in taking advantage of Internet search techniques and creating rock-solid genealogical proofs.

NYGBS Review
‘’His story is charming and encouraging, and provides useful tips in a friendly, conversational style for the beginner… a beginning genealogist undertaking the daunting challenge of researching a family, starting with very little, will find this book both encouraging and edifying.”
– New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, New York Researcher

Book excerpt

We are all born into life with initial constraints placed on us and on our families by time, location and resources. Most of us carry with us the things that our parents taught us, just as they carried the things that they were taught by their parents. Some of those things may be fiction, and some things may have been forgotten. By better understanding our family history and the part that our ancestors played in the larger history of the nation and the world we can better understand our ancestors, and better understand ourselves and the world that we live in.
The following pages represent several years of research effort on my part. I hope that the reader finds the result worthwhile. By noting the names and locations of the families in this book the reader may find a useful clue to follow in their own research. The reader may also find research techniques to leverage.
As I conducted research into my family genealogy I was struck by the number of surnames in the ancient records that were the same as the surnames of the people that I grew up with in Michigan. Possibly many of those families will be able to trace some of their family origins in North America back to the early 1600’s. The reader may be able to note a family surname and location that is similar to someone in their own family tree and may be able to use that family history information in their own search.
Throughout this book I walk the reader through the steps that I took in order to trace my ancestry. I am not entirely finished yet.I hope to produce a future edition of this work that will include ancestral branches that have thus far not opened to my research efforts. Most of the gaps in those branches start in New York and I am hopeful that as new information becomes digitized that those branches will open up. Some ancestors are stubbornly difficult to trace, and I will keep trying to trace them. However I do not want the possibility of their eventual discovery at some unknown future date to delay a timely writing of what I have found so far. 
It is difficult to articulate the range of emotions that research into family genealogy confers on the researcher. Your family history is replete with people that lived in different times and circumstances, who were subject to a wide range of challenges in a plethora of differing social, religious and governmental systems. Trying to grasp an understanding of what they faced as human beings and how they met their challenges cannot help but evoke raw feelings as we learn enough to put ourselves in their place and try to understand their actions. Words are not adequate to express what it feels like to go from knowing almost nothing of your family’s past to understanding that the number of Pilgrims in your family tree is in the hundreds, or to read of the challenges and tribulations that they and their descendants endured. This journey is a step back in time into the shoes of your ancestors.
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©copyright 2018 by Elizabeth Scott Wright

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