DNA Genealogy

DNA is useful in genealogy. From adding previously unknown relatives to your family tree, to making new discoveries not mentioned in the written record, to breaking through family tree brick walls, DNA research is a great addition to a family historian’s toolkit. I described my genealogy breakthroughs in my book Discover Your Roots! How I found my North American and Revolutionary War Ancestors. Some of … Continue reading DNA Genealogy

Discover Your Roots! Part 1

Discover Your Roots book includes great digital research tips and the Wright family genealogy.  A wonderful place to begin your Wright Family genealogy journey.    Bruce Wright, Esq. dug into researching his family tree across multiple years learning about and documenting more than 18 Revolutionary War Patriots.  His journey to undercover this treasure-trove of Patriot ancestors makes for great reading, especially if you are interested … Continue reading Discover Your Roots! Part 1