Emilie, Lilian and Myrtle Gallery

There is something bold, almost sassy about Emilie, Lilian and Myrtle photos.  Educated, ambitious, beautiful, well-off, and talented they were poster women for the times they lived in.   A step-change in a single generation, women were crossing the Rubicon.

During the first quarter of the 20th century heady opportunities bubbled in the cities.  Good jobs outside the home. Not the old seamstress, nanny or washwoman options but interesting jobs that could pay a real wage.  Women’s household duties lightened with a myriad of changes rushing into daily city life, like indoor plumbing, ready-made clothing, sewing machines, iceboxes, early attempts at birth control, electric lighting and telephones.  Also, women had become a political force.  By 1920 winning the right to vote.

This was especially true in places like Takoma Park, Maryland, right outside Washington DC, where Emilie, Lilian and Myrtle Lewton lived.  Emilie became a successful real estate agent.   Lilian and Myrtle were young superstars, captured in local newspapers, decidedly modern in their perspective and activities.  A world with so many female constraints newly lifted.

This photo gallery gathers some choice examples of Emilie, Lilian and Myrtle happily crossing this Rubicon.

© copyright 2018 by Elizabeth Scott Wright

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