A New Chapter – Bringing Family History to Life

What we are trying to accomplish.

Bruce and I have been family genealogists for over 10 years.  However, we are now bringing new tools and methods to our approach.   These new tools and methods will be additive, as Internet searches, lineage sites and DNA cousins are all powerful tools we will continue using.  But the new stuff shows great promise too.

First, we now are leveraging our boat to get closer to local historical sources with enough time to dig deep into libraries, deed and clerk offices, cemeteries, meet with local historians, cousins and other residents, plus really get to know a place first-hand.   Given this past summer in Grand Traverse area we now know local information will add nuance and historical detail not available otherwise.  Like a blurry picture sharpened.

Second, we are shifting more of our collaboration and sharing to a dedicated family web site.  This way we can engage and leverage many more cousins and historians that also have stories, memorabilia, and ideas on how to capture our shared history.   As part of this, we are working towards digitally organizing, archiving and leveraging our family memorabilia and stories.  If you are interested, keep tabs on the Family Memorabilia Project as we bring features online.

Finally, we hope to develop a business with a variety of products such as books, articles,  and the previously mentioned collaborative family memorabilia web site that broaden our genealogical impact.

Why we are inspired.

Thanks to the Internet and DNA cousins so much more information is available now then just a short time ago.    Leveraging this new  genealogical information is a bonanza that was not even a dream 10+ years ago.   Much of the genealogical proof heavy-lifting is gone.  Finding and connecting with cousins has never been more feasible.

So now we can shift to the fun stuff.  Bringing Family History to Life.  Digging into personal stories, connecting dots.  Sifting out the cultural and generational context that drove lives and decisions.  Using maps, timelines, images, data and other techniques to tell a more complete and interesting story. Filling out family stories thru access to wills, court documents, deeds, vital records, local histories, military records, and so much more.   Seeing how one’s family across generations has been impacted by geography, education, military service, health, politics, families they married into, historical events, etc.

Turning this detective work into collaborative and shared understanding is the best of all.  And again thanks to the Internet and DNA cousins we can find and effectively communicate with an extended, confirmed cousin set that allows us to pull in interested cousins and connect their family stories and memorabilia with our own.

Yes, a huge opportunity that truly inspires us.  We hope it will inspire you too.

©copyright 2018 by Elizabeth Scott Wright

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