Rediscovering the New England and New Netherlands Indian War Heroes, 1636 – 1698

The 1600’s were an age of almost constant warfare between North American Colonists and hostile Indian tribes. Discover the early New York and New England Indian Wars as described by the people that lived through them. Follow the author as he rediscovers his family in this forgotten era of American History and the extraordinary settlers and heroes that played such an important part in the settlement of North America. Fighting ferocious enemies they established the foundation of the Colonies that would become the United States of America. This is the story of those wars, from the Pequot War to King William’s War.

Book excerpt

Before there was a United States, before there was even one state, or buildings or cities in New York or New England, there was a small population of European settlers that fled persecution in Europe only to face a struggle for existence on the hostile east coast of North America. With thousands of miles of tempestuous sea at their back and the untamed forests and unpredictable, savage natives in front of them to the west, they were in a live or die situation, with no choice but to tame the unknown environment that they had come to, or to die. The events in these pages took place when the settlement of the United States was in its infancy. Gradually the new immigrants organized into the various colonies that would later become the States. Without the initial foothold established by these earliest immigrants there would be no United States as we now know it. That foothold was hard fought for and paid for with the lives of numerous people. There are many descendants of these early immigrants living in the United States.Few of those descendants know that their ancestors played such a major part in the history of the nation. It is said that there are 35 million descendants of the 102 passengers on the original Mayflower. How many millions more descendants are there then of the hundreds of people that played their part in the early Indian wars of that same era? And how many of those descendants are aware of their family’s participation in those early events? This is the Information Age. Because of the wide availability of information made easily researchable by search engines on the Internet it is possible to recover those lost family histories. It is possible to remember once again those family members and others that participated in the creation of this country, carving it out of a hostile wilderness.

Discover Your Roots! is available thru Rediscovering the New England and New Netherlands Indian War Heroes, 1636 – 1698 on

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