The Big Picture, a Family Tree View

The Boating Genealogists dig into genealogy, family history and history so much that one can forget that others don’t have the background to connect who we are writing about and where they fit in the family tree and history.   However, replicating an ever developing family tree on this blog would be silly, if not just plain time-consuming without obvious gain.   And human history is an infinite topic.  So instead of replication below we provide links to the best source locations for this information.   We will add new links as helpful.

Wright-Anderson Family Tree: Wright-Anderson Family Tree *

Scott-Hopkins Family Tree: Scott-Hopkins Family Tree *

PDF Pedigree view snapshots:

Pedigree View – Barbara Anderson –

Pedigree View – Bruce Wright Sr. –

Pedigree View – Dean Palmer Scott –

Pedigree View – Marilyn Hopkins –

*Note: These links are to our public family trees. These links are a guest only, no living people identified version.  If for some reason you would like edit or living person visibility you will need to ask.

One thought on “The Big Picture, a Family Tree View

  1. How incredible to find your articles!! I relocated to Traverse City with no idea that I have ancestors here. Robert and Susannah Hopkins are my great-great-great grandparents, we trace them thru my paternal grandmother Florence’s family, who are Knauf’s, and farmers. We have many colorful family stories😄 What a treasure to discover, thank you!!!


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