Our DNA Cousins, the Jackson Whites

The DNA trail doesn’t always fit neatly into paper proofs of lineage or family stories. In fact, at times DNA tells a very different story. My DNA cousins, the Jackson Whites, who call themselves the Ramapo Mountain Indians, are part of our family DNA from approximately 5-6 generations ago on both the Jones-Sweet and Smith-Edwards lines. This is likely at least a generation or two … Continue reading Our DNA Cousins, the Jackson Whites

Unlocking Charlotte Hick’s Parentage

Genealogical unlocks are pretty special, at least for family historians.  Not because lineage is an end in and of itself.  But because it is one’s original life setting that can connect many life dots.   Therefore, a family historian sometimes spends a fair amount of time trying to correctly establish this foundation, this lineage.  And some ancestors’ lineages are much tougher detective work than others, even … Continue reading Unlocking Charlotte Hick’s Parentage