Family Memorabilia Project

Capturing family memorabilia as digital images is just the first step in preserving and sharing family history.   The Family Memorabilia Project is all about establishing a long term digital repository of our family memorabilia (the broader term used on this site is ‘Sources’) that can be shared, collaborated on, organized, and used to develop and highlight family stories that can be published to wider audiences and across multiple device types.

If you are interested in supporting the Family Memorabilia Project either by digitally capturing and enhancing family memorabilia for quality long term archiving or take advantage of the growing family memorabilia repository to explore family stories, please donate by using the Paypal button below.  General access to the Bringing Family History to Life web site is $7.50/month, which covers the cost of licensing one person and some digital storage.  You will be provided the link and a username/password once payment is made.

Please contact us with any questions you may have using the Contact page from the top menu.

©copyright 2018 by Elizabeth Scott Wright

General access for one month to Bringing Family History to Life web site

Bringing Family History to Life web site general access includes your ability to: 1) add family memorabilia and other digital documentation to the digital family library; 2) enhance family memorabilia with metadata and other attributes used to organize the digital family library and provide great search results on the same; 3) search and filter the digital family library; 4) create a variety of family stories using a combination of presentation templates with the digital family library; 5) export family stories for broader Internet sharing or printed media



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